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Custom Software

Unlimited possibilities.


Lunar Logic specializes in web-based and desktop application development. We use cutting-edge technology to develop powerful applications that are completely custom to each clients needs. We excel in creating complex applications that will help your business function smoother and save you time and money.
Contact us for a quote and we will be pleased to produce a proposal providing our analysis of the assignment, time requirements and cost.

Software Development Life Cycle

When developing custom application we use this methodology as a guide and follow each step to maximize productivity and results.
1. Strategic Planning
Meet with the client to discuss the idea or project and map out high level requirements. The client will go into detail on what they are looking for and we will come up with suggestions and options on how to proceed.
2. Requirement Analysis
We take the ideas and requirements listed from the planning and further break down and prioritize the requirements of the project. We will then come up with a document detailing all this with a quote/estimate of time and cost for the project.
3. Design & Development
Depending on the project, this can be a whole new project or features additions to an existing product. Either way, we will prototype / mock up designs for the new project or features and go back and forth with the client to nail down the look, feel and functionality.
4. Testing
The project is tested as it is developed, but the more users the better when it comes to getting out any technical issues. For web based application we will implement a test environment online using simulated data in order to protect company data and still test out the new features. With a desktop application we will release a beta test version of the product for the client.
This phase is completed when we have eliminated all show stopping issues and feel confident the new product or features are ready for the production environment.
5. Deployment
Moving the application to a production server or releasing a installable desktop application. We then test and make sure the product is configured properly and is functioning as expected.
6. Support & Maintenance
As the client uses the new product or features, they may encounter issues not found in the initial testing phase and submit them to us to be fixed. We also offer training, we can come to the client and show them all the new functions and how to use them. Usually the client will have more suggestions and feature requests they would like to implement and it becomes an ongoing relationship.
To view examples of our work and what we can do for you, please visit the Portfolio section our website.